Battery storage

Providing you with a sustainable future of energy

Energy self-sufficiency and independence is not a far away dream for the UK residents. By adapting to the energy sustainable practices with the help of solar batteries you store power for whenever you need it. Installing battery storage reduces your reliance on the electrical grid, and decreases the required money you have to put in your energy supplier’s pocket.

Key benefits of battery storage

Make the most of your power

With a reliable solar power battery storage system we can link it to your solar panels. Usually at peak production the panels will be out producing the usage of the home. Without a battery, this would be exported to the grid, however if you have a battery you can store this extra energy and use it later for increased savings.

Greater energy security

Here is a chance to be more energy resilient. It is useful especially when you are living in a locality where occasional grid instability is possible or you wish to offer more robust backup to the home’s power system. Battery storage can support your electrical system for hours.

Reduce your home’s carbon footprint

Get closer to self-sufficiency and reduce the carbon footprints of your home by installing a battery storage system. This is crucial for anyone who believes in the green world and mitigating pollution. Solar energy systems generate much less pollution compared to conventional fossil fuels.

No noise pollution

Solar panels and battery storage systems work in silence, unlike noise-making generators which disturb you and your neighbourhood too. If you are presently using a generator to create electricity, time to switch to a better alternative.

How does battery storage work?

As solar panels are being used widely across the world, users are also installing battery storage systems to make the most of the solar panels. These batteries work like a rechargeable battery. These batteries get charged by the sun’s power.

Frequently asked questions

Have a look at some common questions and misconceptions we hear all the time about solar energy. 

Usable capacity is the amount of energy in kWh that a battery can store. Remember that you should never drain the battery fully. Some vendors mislead buyers by selling products quoting ‘total capacity’. Check such products thoroughly before making the purchase. You must know the ‘Useable capacity of the battery. For example, the Tesla Powerwall is 14kWh, but it is sold quoting as 13.5kWh usable capacity.

A cycle is one fully discharged and one fully charged. But in reality it does not work like that. A battery may only discharge 1/4, then recharge 1/4. This would be 25% of a cycle. Before you buy, know how many cycles a battery is warrantied for.

If you are planning an EV? You need a bigger battery to keep the property running. Larger capacity offers more charging at a cheap rate. For high power electrical devices, larger batteries can be a better choice as they have a higher output and will not be damaged by higher consumption.

Some battery storage systems are capable of delivering 800w (watts) of power. This much power is not enough even if you wish to warm a tea kettle for a cupful tea which needs 2000 watts. In the same way, if you’re generating 4kW and the battery can only store 3kW, then 1kW will be sent back to the grid, wasting the energy generation.

Hence, it is important to check the power output before you buy, or else you may have to draw a huge amount of energy from the grid in spite of having energy in your battery.

The more kWhs you have, the more reasonable your bills will be and you will be able take advantage of ‘Time of Use’ tariffs. You can charge at a cheap rate and sell back to the grid at higher rates. The larger the storage, the more you can sell.

Most systems are designed just for energy storage. However, some systems offer the backup too to support the electrical system of the property when there’s a power cut. Here are a couple of things to consider: In order to stop any damage to your battery or appliances some circuits better be removed from the backed-up circuits.

You can have a bigger storage capacity to store extra power.

Solax Triple Power Battery

Capture the sun’s power day and night! Solax’s sleek Triple Power batteries. Easily store clean energy from your solar panels. Available in sizes to suit any home. Easily expand storage as your needs grow. The smart way to use solar energy around the clock!

Image of a Solax battery system in front of Net Zero Renewables branding.
In summary..
Battery storage systems are a gateway to around-the-clock power, significant cost savings, and an enhanced level of energy transparency.

Solar energy systems, with the addition of battery storage, ensure you’re not reliant on grid power, especially during times when the sun isn’t shining.

Not only that, but having a battery storage system can provide you with notable financial benefits. If utility rates rise, you’re not impacted as much since you’re using stored energy. You can even sell excess stored energy back to the grid for profit!

Beyond the individual benefits, energy storage contributes to the larger goal of renewable energy integration. It facilitates the grid’s ability to better assimilate renewable energy by storing the power produced for use when needed. It’s an enabling technology, allowing wind and solar energy to operate in the same manner as traditional power plants, but without the emissions!

Join us in stepping towards a greener future. We at Net-Zero Renewables are ready to guide you through the process of adopting this renewable technology! Let’s make a positive change for our planet together.

Use Net Zero Renewables to tackle your energy bills

At Net-Zero Renewables, we offer a variety of top solar panels, high-quality inverters and efficient batteries for your custom solar system. With premium equipment options from leading brands, we can tailor the perfect solar PV system, including battery storage to suit your home’s unique needs. Let’s go renewable together!

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