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Looking to go solar?

Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy to generate electricity for free, which can help reduce your electricity bills significantly. In addition, the Smart Export Guarantee can further increase your savings and help you break even faster by being paid to export excess energy back to the national grid!

We’ll liaise with the National Grid to get your panels hooked up to the electricity network. By using our experts to manage the application process, we take the headache out of sorting the paperwork. We’ll ensure your system meets all compliance requirements so you can generate renewable power and earn money from export tariffs. Switching to solar is easy when you’ve got Net-Zero Renewables on your side. Get in touch today to get the ball rolling on your grid connection agreement and say hello to clean solar energy!

How much can you save with solar panels?

Solar energy can save you money in two areas. First, it decreases the amount of energy you have to buy from the grid, thus lowering your energy bill. Second, you can earn money back through payments from the SEG.

With energy prices rising exponentially, the wholesale market is currently floating around 65-70p/kWh! Residential customers are somewhat protected due to the price cap however this is ever-increasing and costs are rising. The more the price of energy increases, the more you save by having solar installed on your home.

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Benefits of solar energy

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How many solar panels do I need to power my house?

When asking yourself how many solar panels you need for your home, there are again a number of variables to take into account. The most significant contributing factor here is how much energy you use. While there’s no single answer, our team are more than happy to lay everything out in a clear format for you so that you can see:

Do solar panels increase the value of my home?

Investing in solar energy could help you if you want to sell your home in the future. As more people are growing concerned about environmental issues, renewable energy could make your property more attractive, and potential buyers may be interested in how the panels could save them money.

Remember that your home’s resale value won’t match your investment size exactly. You can’t expect a £5,000 solar PV system to increase your house’s value by £5,000, but it will still raise it. You also have to consider the quality of your solar panel system. If you invest in new, top-of-the-line panels, the value they add to your home could be considerable.

To determine how much solar panels will affect your home’s value, talk to a local estate agent.

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Solax X1-Hybrid

Experience the future of renewable energy with Jinko’s industry-leading Tiger N-type solar panels. Available in ultra-efficient 400-420 watt models, these panels offer a sleek design with groundbreaking technology, ensuring high output and exceptional durability.

Certified to withstand extreme weather conditions, these solar panels are engineered for excellence with ultra-high-efficiency conversion of sunlight into energy. 

Use Net Zero Renewables to tackle your energy bills

At Net-Zero Renewables, we offer a variety of top solar panels, high-quality inverters and efficient batteries for your custom solar system. With premium equipment options from leading brands, we can tailor the perfect solar PV system, including battery storage to suit your home’s unique needs. Let’s go renewable together!

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What our SOLAR customers say

Ben Hanratty
Ben Hanratty
Net Zero Renewables are a highly professional company, providing an excellent service and product at a very competitive price. The work was done efficiently with minimum disruption.
Earl Reed
Earl Reed
Very good contractors clean and tidy system clearly explained.