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If you are interested in having a solar system installed or have any questions about our installs, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we are able to and hopefully begin your journey towards saving money through renewable energy. 

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Solar panel installers in Durham

Installing solar is what we know and do best. We only install solar products from the leading manufacturers in the solar industry, and with top warranties, so you can have confidence when you trust us with your solar installation. Find out how we can save you money on your energy with our renewable energy solutions.

Our process makes getting solar panels easier than ever

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Get a solar energy quote today

Use our online quote calculator to receive a free, no-obligation quote today on solar panel installation in Durham for your home or business and start saving money as soon as possible. 

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Bespoke design for your home

We will put together a design of your home and we will work out how many solar panels you will need to meet your individual energy needs. 

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Easy installation

Our local solar panel installers will come and fit the solar panels to your home or business on a day that suits you. 

Use Net Zero Renewables to tackle your energy bills

At Net-Zero Renewables, we offer a variety of top solar panels, high-quality inverters and efficient batteries for your custom solar system. With premium equipment options from leading brands, we can tailor the perfect solar PV system, including battery storage to suit your home’s unique needs. Let’s go renewable together!

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Our approach to installing solar

As the best company for installing solar panels in the North East, our sales and customer services teams are committed to providing you with the best, and you’ll always know where you stand when it comes to installation. We have partnered with Savant Electrical Contractors Ltd as our installation partner to ensure all our work is of the highest quality, and every installation is audited internally to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

Net Zero Recent Work Solar Panel
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Picture of a house which has just had solar panels installed to the roof through Net Zero Renewables.

Reducing your energy bills with solar

Installing solar panels can transform how you power your home and your energy bills. Solar panel systems allow you to generate electricity during daylight hours and use this to power your home. When combined with a solar battery, you can store energy for later use.

Solar panels and battery storage help reduce your reliance on your electricity provider, plus you can also sell any surplus electricity your solar panels generate in return for payments under Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme.

If you install solar panels and a battery, what sort of bill savings can you expect? Energy Saving Trust estimates suggest that a typical household (at home for the majority of the day) could potentially generate an annual saving/income up to £520 through a combination of solar use and selling excess electricity generated under SEG.


Annual saving/income with SEG

Home all day


Home in mornings


Home in afternoons


Out all day until 4pm


Out all day until 6pm


Figures based on fuel prices as of October 2023

Net Zero Recent Work Solar Panel

Helping you reduce your carbon emissions

As solar panel installers in Durham, we are helping households through solar energy systems that generate renewable energy and minimise their environmental impact. Correctly installed solar PV systems generate ongoing green energy which reduces the carbon footprint of households for years to come.

So what are the environmental benefits of solar panel installation when it comes to carbon savings? The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a typical home solar PV system could save households around 1 tonne of carbon per year, and since they rely on the National Grid far less, it’s a real win when it comes to carbon reductions.

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Solar panels installed in middlesbrough
Picture of a house which has just had solar panels installed to the roof through Net Zero Renewables.

Benefits of our solar products

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Solar PV panels

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Solar inverters

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Battery storage

Ready to make the investment in solar?

Solar panels are a great investment to make in County Durham, despite what people may previously have thought about their ability to generate electricity under grey skies. Most modern solar photovoltaic panels are still able to generate electricity on cloudy days – they do not require direct sunlight and do not necessarily have to be south-facing roofs.

Solar panels are pretty versatile and can usually be installed on a pitched or even a flat roof, and sometimes ground-mounted solar panels may be more appropriate if the available roof space is insufficient or not suitable for purpose. While you may have considered solar panels previously, but have been put off by the cost, solar panels are not as expensive as they once were.

With energy bills a cause of concern for many households and businesses in Durham, there has probably never been a more opportune time to embrace solar technology. We can assess your home or business’ suitability for a solar PV system and provide you with a free no obligation quote, enabling you to weigh up whether solar is right for you.

Solar panels in Durham FAQs

How many solar panels will I need?

The number of solar panels you will need will depend on many different factors including your current energy usage, the level of sunlight in your area, the size and orientation of your solar panels, and the efficiency levels of your solar panels. If your energy demand is excessively high then you may need more solar panels (if your roof can accommodate them) and potentially multiple solar batteries.

In most situations, planning permission is not usually required for solar panels on a standard roof space as they would usually be considered Permitted Development. The situation is somewhat different if the property is in a conservation area or the solar panels are intended for a Listed Building, in which planning approval will usually be required from the local authority.

Yes, most solar panels come with lengthy warranties usually ranging from 10 to 20 years. The warranty will vary from one manufacturer to another. Most solar panels are expected to last around 20-25 years, though some that are properly maintained could last even longer.

What our SOLAR customers say

Ben Hanratty
Ben Hanratty
Net Zero Renewables are a highly professional company, providing an excellent service and product at a very competitive price. The work was done efficiently with minimum disruption.
Earl Reed
Earl Reed
Very good contractors clean and tidy system clearly explained.